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About Us

Our Mission

Our Movement Specialists inspire workers to move better so they feel better at work and at play.

We deliver injury prevention through individual body education and badassery.  

Meet the Brains


Lori Frederic

Founder & Chief Movement Geek

BSc. Ex Phys, CSCS, CMT

The “Movement Ninja”

It takes a special talent to get “old & stubborn” to stretch, Lori has that talent.

Lori loves to disrupt the conventional approach to injury prevention. Her knowledge of human movement and biomechanics compliments the world of Safety & Health and gives her the opportunity to share new ideas and bold solutions to save the world from injury and pain.
Lori speaks and presents nationally to safety groups, conferences, associations and for companies interested in unorthodox solutions for the safety and well-being of their employees.

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