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About Us

Where Ninja Skills meet Ergonomics.

Balance Biomechanics is a full-service injury prevention business working with high hazard companies and blue collar badasses for over 10 years.

Meet the Brains

Lori Frederic
Founder & Chief Movement Geek

BSc. Ex Phys, CSCS, CMT

The “Movement Ninja”

This is Lori. She’s our Chief Movement Geek. After having a private business providing sports massage therapy and strength coaching, she wanted to raise her game and reach more people. Lori quickly found a love and respect for the hard working men and women that make this first world country thrive. Her knowledge of biomechanics and movement compliment the world of safety & health to provide an unconventional approach to injury prevention. When Lori isn’t inspiring blue collar badasses, she’s hanging with her husband, 3 kids and 3 dogs.

Lori is constantly disrupting, innovating, and inspiring as she speaks across the country to safety and management audiences. Schedule a consultation to see if our athletic, ninja approach is the right fit for your workforce.

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