Littleton, CO


About Us

“Our Approach

A new approach needs a new perspective so we provide the most experienced and personable professionals in the field of Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics to teach our on-site programs.

We deliver injury prevention tools and individual body education.  We go beyond one-size-fits-all stretching programs and include practical strength and conditioning techniques to employees.

Meet the Brains

Lori Frederic

Founder & Biomechanics Specialist

BSc. Ex Phys, CSCS, CMT

The “Ninja Lady”

It takes a special talent to get frac hands to stretch, Lori has that talent.

I love to reinvent how things are done. My knowledge of kinesiology and biomechanics compliments the world of Safety & Health and gives me the opportunity to share my new ideas and bold solutions for injury prevention. “Ninja Safety” is a revolutionary idea that solves the problem of soft tissue injuries by engaging all types of workers on their level in a fun way. I enjoy making workers smarter, stronger, agile & mobile.
I speak and present nationally to safety groups, conferences, associations and for companies interested in unorthodox solutions for the safety and well-being of their employees.

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