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Back Pain – Interventions & Movement

Back Pain – Interventions & Movement

How about we do both.

πŸ’₯Back pain is super common in the general population and even more prevalent in the blue-collar world. πŸ› 

The first step to pain-free success is to understand that lower back pain is rarely emergent 🚨(even though it may stop you in your tracks at times)


When I see someone for a grumpy back, the first order of business is education about the muscles and the facia and how we are so interconnected.

This makes me not seem crazy when I look to massage techniques or wellness exercises for the hips and hamstrings as a solution.


With a new perspective on what may be causing the grumpy back, we can then move into coaching movement and postures that are a part of daily work.


I hope to remove the knee jerk reaction of heading straight to the clinic with minor soreness, aches & non-emergent pain. BUT this takes education on ALL levels to know what conservative treatments are available and how they work.

Help me out with saving the world 🌎 from injury and pain, ask your questions and share the knowledge!

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Lori Frederic

Saving the world from injury and pain through movement coaching and ninja badassery