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Bacon is Back…the Year of the Pig

Bacon is Back…the Year of the Pig


Don’t you just love bacon?  
It goes with anything from breakfast, to dinner, to dessert (mmm, chocolate covered bacon).  When I travel or when I have a breakfast event, I’m the bacon lover that calls ahead to make sure there is going to be bacon. Yes, that is my ‘cup o’ bacon’ in the photo.

Have you ever heard of the business fable of The Chicken and the Pig?
It’s about commitment to a project or cause…
When you make bacon and eggs, think about the involvement of the chicken and of the pig.  The pig provides the bacon which requires a full sacrifice and the chicken provides the eggs which are not difficult to produce.
The pig is truly committed while the chicken is only involved.   


“Whatever you are, be a good one.”       – Abraham Lincoln

2019 just so happens to be the year of the PIG in Chinese vulture, so I challenge you to continue this year with a new theme…a new mantra.  


Take pride in your work, whatever that may be. 
Be a good one, and be committed.
Maybe you’re not in your perfect job.  Be good at it anyway.
It will pay off in experience and character. 
Maybe you’re ready to make a change in your movement habits and health. Own the transition and get good at making baby steps.  


I look forward to supporting you however I can,
The Movement Ninja

Lori Frederic

Saving the world from injury and pain through movement coaching and ninja badassery