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Slip & Fall Solutions

Winter is coming, are you and your staff ready? There are many statistics (like the ones below) about how frequent slip, trip and fall incidents occur whether it is winter or not.  Many of these accidents can be serious or even fatal.  Fortunately, there are many...

My ‘Case Studies’ on NOT Using Ice

When the creator of R.I.C.E comes out against his original advice, it peaks my interest!  This is a BIG deal for those of us who have been raised on the idea that ice solves almost as many problems as duct tape.  Even though more and...

[Free Download] Youth Football Mobility Routine

Youth Football Injury Prevention Youth football comes with the risk of injury, but when your child is growing like a weed the risk for soft tissue injuries becomes much greater.  Common pains for athletes in the middle school years are low back pain and heel/foot pain....

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