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Injuries Have 3D Effects – Bio-physcho-social

[gallery ids="5390,5391,5392"] The Bio-Psycho-Social Model So much goes into and comes out of injuries, and not just with the injury location. This is our son who is now a Junior who lost his sophomore football season to an ACL injury. This was a huge PSYCHOLOGICAL hit after earning varsity...

[Free Download] Youth Football Mobility Routine

Youth Football Injury Prevention Youth football comes with the risk of injury, but when your child is growing like a weed the risk for soft tissue injuries becomes much greater.  Common pains for athletes in the middle school years are low back pain and heel/foot pain....

Inspiration From Ninjas

  http://youtu.be/XfZFuw7a13E I have to say, I’m a little shocked as to how fired up I get watching American Ninja Warrior, especially this Kacy Catanzaro girl!  As a past gymnast myself, I always loved the monkey bars but this obstacle course challenge is the extreme version.  As...