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Do you make these stretching mistakes?

Do you make these stretching mistakes?

Common Stretching Mistakes [Hip Flexor]

When you sit or drive too much, the muscles in the front of your hip get used to being shortened and often get ‘locked’ short.  This new normal will throw off the balance of your pelvis and create compensations that manifest as low back pain, knee pain or hip pain.
This stretch for the front of the hip [hip flexor] when done correctly, provides quick relief.


You can make big changes in your movement and pain relief when you do stretches correctly and stretch where YOU need it. Get relief from low back and hip pain with this stretch.

* stay upright
* flex your glutes to lock the pelvis into a posterior tilt

I’m starting a series of videos to explain common mistakes in stretching

(the one above is the first of many) and I am taking requests!  
  • Do you have a stretch where you aren’t sure you are doing correctly?
  • Have you been given a stretch as a pain solution, but it isn’t working?
Let me know about it and I will include it in the series.
Reply to this email with your best stretch description or photo, or simply tell me the goal you want out of the stretch (less knee pain, more shoulder range of motion)

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