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Exercise. Discipline. Affection…for your health.

Exercise. Discipline. Affection…for your health.

When you’re a dog lover, you have dogs.  It’s what you do, they are part of your family.  For the past 8 years, we enjoyed having a 3-dog lifestyle.  Caring for multiple dogs is not always a walk in the park (pun intended).  It takes structure and consistency.

With our dogs, we follow the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and his mantra, “Exercise. Discipline. Affection” to develop well-behaved and healthy dogs.  What’s funny is that the mantra works great on young kids.
What’s ironic is that the same is true with your health and fitness.


Get it done on a regular basis.  Want to know the best exercise ever?  Read my last article
The personal responsibility to eat less CRAP, eat more real FOOD and commit to the aforementioned exercise
AFFECTION (aka Indulge)
When you eat right and exercise consistently, occasional celebrations/BBQs/indulgences are possible without heavy recourse.  Keep it simple, get the work done first, then have your play time.