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[Free Download] Youth Football Mobility Routine

[Free Download] Youth Football Mobility Routine

Youth Football Injury Prevention

Youth football comes with the risk of injury, but when your child is growing like a weed the risk for soft tissue injuries becomes much greater.  Common pains for athletes in the middle school years are low back pain and heel/foot pain.  Left untreated, these pains can easily become injuries that may prevent your child from playing the whole season.

Examples: Severs disease, hamstring tears, plantar fasciitis, Osgood-Schlatter disease

  • Overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students (Safe Kids USA Campaign Web site. 2009)

I put together this Mobility Routine for my son’s team and I’m happy to see it used wherever possible.  This can be used as a warm up or cool down and the core exercises should be done daily.  When used as a warm up tool, it is best used after a jog around the field and it should take 5 minutes flowing through once on each side using the “Action Options”.  When used as a cool down, hold the positions longer and add deep breathing to the positions.

You can download my Gridiron Mobility Routine here: Gridiron Mobility

Gridiron Mobility

More good tips from stopsportsinjuries.org

  •  Have a pre-season health and wellness evaluation
  •  Perform proper warm-up and cool-down routines
  •  Consistently incorporate strength training and stretching
  •  Hydrate adequately to maintain health and minimize cramps
  •  Stay active during summer break to prepare for return to sports in the fall
  •  Wear properly fitted protective equipment, such as a helmet, pads, and mouthguard
  •  Tackle with the head up and do not lead with the helmet
  •  Speak with a sports medicine professional or athletic trainer if you have any concerns about football injuries or football injury prevention strategies