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How the Toilet can Help your Fitness Level & Joint Pain

How the Toilet can Help your Fitness Level & Joint Pain


Am I serious?  Yes.  Here’s how to test it, even if it’s to try and prove me wrong.

Each time you need to use the facilities, add 9 HEALTHY SQUATS over the toilet to the 1 you are doing already.  Men, if you want rockin’ legs, you may want to choose to sit with each trip (you may even get a happy girlfriend/wife out of the process).

Why do this, you ask?  Well squats are the best go-to exercise around, and I’m speaking of squats with healthy movement.  Squats are functional movement at it’s best.  Think sitting on a low sofa, getting in/out of your car, stair climbing, going to the bathroom, hiking a steep hill, running from a zombie…you get my point. 

Pain-free squats are possible when the feet are shoulder width apart, feet stay flat, chest stays tall with quads AND gluteals being used.  **If you have pain when squatting, it’s time to find out why and fix the cause…shoot me an email**   Think of it, 60-80 healthy squats per day.  Especially if you are drinking the gallon of water recommended daily.  This many body weight squats will help build strength and endurance in the leg muscles and thus, increase your fitness level.



Squats can improve joint pain in the spine, knees and hips by improving muscular balance.  A majority of us are quad-dominant because we sit or stand too much for our jobs.  This means the front leg muscles, the quadriceps work too often while the back of the leg muscles (gluteals & hamstrings) get in a pattern of not helping out.  see glute-inhibited or gluteal amnesia 

Strengthening the gluteus maximus, abdominals and hamstrings with squats may initially be a challenge for some, but with some focus and daily toilet squats, eventually the low back is stabilized and the hips, knees and ankles track in a healthy pattern to reduce pain.

So try it out, I dare you.  Let me know what happens and how you feel.

Important information:  SQUATS help you gain leg strength and endurance.  Do not use SQUATS under the influence of alcohol.  SQUATS while wearing high heels may lessen the effects and increase tightness in the calf muscles. Side effects of SQUATS may include regular digestion, urges to run up the stairs, and strangers checking out your backside.  Report on social media right away if you have less pain while walking, running or engaging in other physical activities.