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How to feel better in the next 10 minutes

How to feel better in the next 10 minutes

First, I want you to take 5 seconds and look away from the screen and look straight up! Seriously, for 5 seconds.  Then come on back to reading.
Whether you are reading this on your phone or your computer, you are most likely in a head forward position whenever you are in front of a screen.
Here’s my favorite visual:
Ugly right?  When you are in a head forward position most of the day (computer, driving, manufacturing, bent over work…) your body starts to “lock” into that posture unless you do something to counteract it.  Did you have any discomfort looking up? If so, then you better believe that your body is adapted, or has begun to adapt to a new posture…and not in a good way.
So here is how you feel better in the next 10 minutes:
Figure out what posture your body is in the most during the day and stretch it out in the opposite direction.  Take 3 minutes and FEEL what’s going on.
  • Try the wall stretch if you’re at your computer too much or do work with your hands
  • Try the reverse bridge if you are standing much of the day or doing bent over work
Do you feel better?
This way of thinking will help you prevent soft tissue injuries in yourself and others.
This is also the thought process that should go into any company stretching program. (Which, by the way, I am working on an awesome mobility and stretching class for you right now!)
So now I have a serious question, please consider this with me.
What do YOU do each day to counteract what your body goes through (or doesn’t go through) at work?
Please leave a comment and tell me:
What do you do vs. what do you teach your workers?

What is your single greatest challenge with your workforce stretching program right now?

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