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Injuries Have 3D Effects – Bio-physcho-social

Injuries Have 3D Effects – Bio-physcho-social

The Bio-Psycho-Social Model

So much goes into and comes out of injuries, and not just with the injury location.

This is our son who is now a Junior who lost his sophomore football season to an ACL injury.
This was a huge PSYCHOLOGICAL hit after earning varsity status. It was also a big SOCIAL hit not being able to play with his buddies. Obviously, there was the BIOLOGY hit needing reconstruction of ACL and meniscus.

Fast Forward: 10 months of return-to-sport rehab made him stronger, faster and more resilient than he has been before.

Game 1 back made us all anxious but also excited and his ACL leg was awesome…
All was well until the 4th quarter when he got rolled into from the side and his OTHER knee was injured and he needed help off the field.  Insert parent freak out moment here.

Game 1 back with another injury took him to low places and it broke our hearts to see it.  The sobbing that night from the shower just killed me.

Thankfully, it wasn’t as big of an injury as last year.
It was an MCL sprain, pretty high grade…but he was still out for an unknown amount of games.

The BIOLOGY of a teenage athlete is amazing.
With an amazing team of Heath Pros around him, he felt good enough to come back a week earlier than expected.

The PSYCHOLOGY of a second comeback is a roller coaster!
The disappointment, then fierce desire to perform. The unknown of healing, then the drama of high school liabilities, then the gut decision to trust your body.

Finally, the SOCIAL aspect of the final result.  Our son went back to playing with the contagious attitude of playing again with a constant smile and simple love of the game…despite the added knee brace.

We are so proud of our son 🥰 🏈

Lori Frederic

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