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Inspiration From Ninjas

Inspiration From Ninjas


I have to say, I’m a little shocked as to how fired up I get watching American Ninja Warrior, especially this Kacy Catanzaro girl!  As a past gymnast myself, I always loved the monkey bars but this obstacle course challenge is the extreme version.  As I watch the competitors, there is this little voice inside me asking, “Can I do that?” Then there’s an immediate follow-up of negative thoughts of being too old/weak/out-of-practice/etc.  But then the little voice keeps asking, and I start to think that maybe…I can do that…or at least try.

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So to test my current skills, the other weekend my husband and I took the kids to the playground and I decided to make a workout out of it.  Monkey bars, pull up bars, cargo net, parallel bars, etc. The best/worst part was the game of family tag.  It was great because we were all laughing so hard and working up a serious sweat.  The worst part was that we were all laughing mostly at my inability to “juke.”  I would try and chase down my cat-like husband and all he had to do was quickly change direction to be easily out of my reach.

Since that morning at the playground, I changed my workouts to try and get my juke back as well as work on my ninja skills.  Who else wants to join me?

Here’s a start:

Negative Pull Ups <> Single Leg Dead Lift

Full Range Squats <> Sidewinder Planks

Single Leg Pattern Hops <> Skaters w Floor Touch


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZtD4gjE-94?rel=0&w=420&h=315]