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Is Football the Enemy when it comes to Concussions?

Is Football the Enemy when it comes to Concussions?

Our son got his first mild concussion after 9 years of youth football.

Are we pulling him out of the sport? No.  Are we now receiving regular articles on concussions from the concerned grandparents?  Yes.

I don’t ignore the risk of the sport and I care about my son’s brain health, but I’m also very science minded (not shocking with my profession).  Did you know that football is NOT the number one sport for concussions?

What’s the big deal?

I’ve been following the CTE reports very closely.  Remember, CTE is only confirmed after an autopsy.  Here’s my stance:

  • The studies cited most are on brains of football players who exhibited clinical symptoms before death.
  • Where are the studies on football players who remained mentally healthy?
  • There is not a direct connection from brain injury so the CTE could be from other things like past drinking or drug use could they not?
  • There are also female brains that show CTE so football shouldn’t be the enemy.

The Conclusion:    My husband and I are thrilled with the high school’s concussion protocol.  It was very thorough.  From the Certified Athletic Trainer’s test, to the follow through with the pediatrician.  With a gradual comeback, our son is now back in action with a bit more awareness of tackle technique.

(The photo is one of our #42’s touchdown runs!)

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