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I’ve Got Your Ache & Pain Solutions Right Here

I’ve Got Your Ache & Pain Solutions Right Here

When you’ve got pain that just enough to be annoying but not enough to go to the doctor, you try and figure it out on your own, right?

Usually, you do one of these things:

  • Nothing.  Rest and avoidance should fix it.  Just run and hide from it.
  • Take some over the counter pills.  Try all types and worry about your stomach lining later.
  • Google it for hours and hope you land on a good solution.
  • Troubleshoot with stretching, strengthening and movement.  Maybe play with heat or ice.

What’s your go-to?

Let me help you troubleshoot with my proven simple solutions, part by part, that help you do something productive and super effective.

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Lori Frederic

Saving the world from injury and pain through movement coaching and ninja badassery