Littleton, CO

Make Snow Removal Your Workout

Make Snow Removal Your Workout

3 tips to make snow shoveling build your strength instead of break your back

1. Warm Up & Stretch – Start with 15 squats or 1 minute of marching with high knees.

Reach the shovel overhead then tilt to each side slowly and with control. Repeat each side at least 2x. Stretch your calves and front of hips with a lunge stance, switching sides 2x.

2. Keep a Straight Spine – pretend your at the gym and someone’s watching.

Make it look good! Keep your spine straight and chest proud. Bend into a squat while loading the shovel and your leg muscles, then let your legs push the weight up. BAM, there’s your leg workout!

Always have your core muscles activated like someone might sock you in the gut (but still keep breathing please). TA DA! Abdominal workout.


3. Switch Sides Often – Switch sides with your hands and feet to avoid winding your muscles into one direction. Over working one side of your body is one of the biggest culprits in back pain and muscle strains.

Bonus Points for finishing with the warm up stretches!