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Random Acts of Exercise – 2015 Challenge

Random Acts of Exercise – 2015 Challenge

Random Acts

LACK OF TIME is the number one excuse for not exercising.  I am on a mission to change that.  Right here, right now.

“Random Acts of Exercise” has become a growing theme in the Balance Biomechanics “Ninja” Training.  The main focus for our training programs is Injury Prevention, and one of the best ways to prevent injuries is to move often and strengthen smarter.    I design all of my injury prevention programs to include exercises you can perform anywhere…especially at work.

This year, I want to make Random Acts of Exercise a visible social and physical education program.  We all know exercise is the best way to improve fitness and health, so I want to inspire others to practice exercise and movement and pass it on to others.


  • Follow Balance Biomechanics and try some of the provided Random Acts of Exercise (RAE) at home or work
  • Share with your friends and followers
  • Share your RAE with us.  Posting pictures and videos are great, but a simple description is also welcome.

Each week I will highlight a Random Act of Exercise (share a lot!)  Be creative and find fun and crazy ways to move, stretch and exercise.  On your own or with your coworkers/family/pets.

Stumped?  Here’s some help

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQaDbmRZ3mw&w=300&h=169]

Here’s 4 Ninja Moves to get you started

Balance while putting on shoes

Balance while putting on shoes

These exercises will also be categorized on my blog for easy reference.  Simply scroll down the right side bar to Search Posts and “Select a Category” then find Random Acts of Exercise