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In person movement training to enhance performance and change poor lifting habits.  Simple techniques relevant to work and home life.

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Prevent musculoskeletal injuries at the first sign of discomfort with stretching, massage therapy and other first aid tools.

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Engage employees in overall health and safety or troubleshoot a sudden rise in injury rates with customized solutions.

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In-Person Training

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“Ninja Safety” is our method that engages all types of workers in a fun way. It’s a bit like getting your kids to eat their vegetables. We all know the benefits of exercise, proper lifting and flexibility but getting your employees to do it when no one is watching is another thing entirely.

Our training courses are customized, job-specific, on site and 75% practical. Learning safe lifting and movement is best taught hands-on with commonly used equipment.

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Early Intervention

What is a Workstation Assessment?

Individual Early Symptom Intervention & First Aid (non-recordable) services such as:

Posture screens, workstation assessments, massage therapy, muscle activation/release, corrective exercises, functional movement assessments.

Online consultation (Skype/FaceTime) is available for pre-injury troubleshooting and workstation/posture assessments.

What is First Aid Massage Therapy?

What is a Work Station Assessment?

Consulting Speaking

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Assistance with stretching program roll out, physical capacity evaluations, presentations on personal responsibility and overall integration of a culture of moving and lifting safely.

All Hands meetings

Conference Workshops


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