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In-Person Movement Training

“Ninja Mode” is our movement method that engages all types of workers in a fun way. It’s a bit like getting your kids to eat their vegetables. We all know the benefits of exercise, proper lifting and mobility, but getting your employees to do it when no one is watching is another thing entirely.

Our movement and mobility training courses are customized, job-specific, brought to you onsite and 75% practical. Learning safe lifting and movement is best taught hands-on with commonly used equipment.

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Early Intervention

Early intervention is a proactive strategy to find early signs of an injury and prevent it from happening by intervening early…imagine that.

Massage Therapy
Kinesiology Taping

Heat Treatment
Wellness Exercises
Workstation Assessments

Encourage early reporting of symptoms in order to decrease excessive fatigue and increase awareness and productivity in order to avoid costly claims.

Tele-conferencing (Skype/FaceTime) is available for pre-injury troubleshooting and workstation/posture assessments.

The Secret to Early Reporting

Consulting & Speaking

The most ideal way to roll out a new ergonomic initiative is to fire up your workers at an all hands meeting.  From there, you can query your employees as to what they think about it and if they have suggestions or requests.

If you simply need a smaller Presentation or Workshops, we have those too:

3 Steps to Build a Better Stretch & Flex Program
How to Use Kinesiology Tape for Sprain/Strain Prevention
Beef Jerky and The Captain
Movement Solutions for Body Maintenance 


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