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Sit/Stand Desk Breakups – It’s not your desk, it’s you

Sit/Stand Desk Breakups – It’s not your desk, it’s you

You and your desk. It’a a complicated relationship. It takes a lot of pieces to make the relationship work. Being in a happy desk relationship is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Especially during life’s stressful times.

Of course, some desk relationships are more successful than others. What is the most successful ergonomic relationship (set up)? There are so many choices, a.k.a. plenty of fish in the sea. You can sit, stand, kneel, tilt forward, tilt backward, lean, stand on one foot, screens high, screens low…you get my point.

The key to finding inner peace and happiness with your desk is to break up with it.
Because it’s not your desk that has the answers, IT’S YOU.

Your individual body holds the answers to making it through desk life pain and injury free. Yes, there are a few components that may make you more comfortable in the short-term, but for the long run, I want you to pay attention to the way you feel when your with your desk. A social chemistry if you will.

How do you feel when you’ve been sitting for 2 hours straight? How do you feel when you’ve been standing for 2 hours straight? Neither is free of tension and stiffness right? So as you plug away each day at work, I want this new awareness of how you feel to be a trigger.

Each time you feel tension or fidgety, it’s time to change your position, stretch or get up and move.

So how can you pick the best desk set up and set yourself up for long-term success?
Be flexible. The secret sauce is effort.

Do you best to set yourself up with plenty of options to do your work. If you have a sit desk, can you stand while talking on the phone? If you have a stand desk, can you do 10 squats when your back or knees get stiff? Is there a way to set up a sharable stand space if there isn’t room in your cubicle?

In order to coexist with your breakup, you need to come to terms with the reality that you are not one with your desk. This is the differentiation process. You have different inherent abilities and purpose. You were made to move, your desk was made to hold all your crap.

With enough effort, it is possible to not get annoyed each time you think about your desk. Imagine a work day where you don’t even think about your desk set up and you find you now have energy at the end of the day to enjoy your loved ones.

You now move better, feel better and work better because it’s YOU who had the answers all along.

Love your body, tolerate your desk,
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