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Slip & Fall Solutions

Slip & Fall Solutions

Winter is coming, are you and your staff ready?

There are many statistics (like the ones below) about how frequent slip, trip and fall incidents occur whether it is winter or not.  Many of these accidents can be serious or even fatal.  Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent the incidents and certainly minimize injury from them.


Here are some physical tips to prevent serious damage to the body:

  1. Build Strong Core Muscles
  2. Increase Flexibility in legs and arms
  3. Improve Balance & Agility
  4. Learn to Fall Safely

Build Strong Core Muscles

Core muscles are more than just the abdominals. The gluteals, hip flexors and back extensors also play along.  The good news is that there are hundreds of exercises to build core strength and no, you don’t have to do crunches all day.   When you build strength from the inside out, it becomes easier to develop balance and agility (see #3).

Increase Mobility in Legs and Arms

Like the poor bear flailing on the ice, when you slip or even trip, your body goes into unusual shapes and contortions at lighting speed.  It really helps when your limbs have been at least half way there before.  Flexibility means an increase in joint range of motion (ROM) and mobility means having control while increasing ROM.  Need a tool to start this with your workers?   Here You Go

Improve Balance & Agility

Building on core strength and mobility, there are many benefits to improving balance and agility.  Good mobility means you have control through ranges of motion and agility means you have control through quick, sharp movements and change of direction.  Balance is your ability to right yourself throughout movement in all planes of motion.  Practice makes perfect when it comes to balance and agility.  Both abilities are easy to improve, but they also fit with the “use it or lose it” philosophy.

Learn to Fall Correctly

All of the above will help in preventing the fall, but for many who use their body everyday for work the slip and trip or fall are nearly inevitable.  HOW YOU FALL makes all the difference and sometimes it is actually better to go with the fall than fight it. However, you can’t be comfortable going with the momentum of a fall if you’ve never practiced how to fall correctly.  With gymnasts and martial arts, they actually learn how to fall as part of the sport.  Taking a few tips from these sports goes a long way.  Learn to roll, go with momentum whenever possible and practice.

Ever wonder how you practice falling safely?  Well keep your eyes peeled for a new workshop coming this spring!  I’ll keep you posted.