Littleton, CO


Are you still using ICE for injuries?

Stop. Seriously. Stop using ice if you want faster healing. You’ve heard this right? No you haven’t? Well, you’re not alone. Telling anyone who’s been through a first aid class not to use ice for minor injuries is like telling them to drive on the...

How to feel better in the next 10 minutes

First, I want you to take 5 seconds and look away from the screen and look straight up! Seriously, for 5 seconds.  Then come on back to reading. Whether you are reading this on your phone or your computer, you are most likely in a head forward...

Random Acts of Exercise – 2015 Challenge

LACK OF TIME is the number one excuse for not exercising.  I am on a mission to change that.  Right here, right now. "Random Acts of Exercise" has become a growing theme in the Balance Biomechanics "Ninja" Training.  The main focus for our training programs is Injury Prevention, and...

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