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3 Daily Moves for Desk Jockeys and Drivers

3 Daily Moves for Desk Jockeys and Drivers

3 MOves to do daily

For those of you who spend way too much time behind a desk or behind the wheel, it’s very important to incorporate corrective actions to maintain proper posture and pain-free movement.  I recommend to do these as often as possible.  Remember how many hours you spend in the same position because it takes a daily commitment to make a change.

Here are my Top 3 to Stay Pain-Free:

1. Reverse Bridge/Reverse Plank

If you have the mobility in your wrists and shoulders then do this on the floor with your fingers pointed towards your feet.  If that causes too much wrist/elbow/shoulder discomfort, begin with a sturdy chair.  Bonus points for making it active like this.

reverse plank bent knee

Reverse Bridge

reverse bridge w chair

Reverse Bridge w Chair

2. Squats

Yes, regular squats…often.  They are great for overall circulation and increase strength in many muscle groups.  Challenge your depth if you have the mobility.  It’s OK to go below 90° if you do not have pain.  If you’re having pain in the knees, watch this.  You should feel your gluteal muscles helping out.

Combine squats with your trip to the bathroom and you’ll be 1 squat ahead!

Squat B

3. Wall Stretch

Find your nearest wall or flat surface (use a friend’s back if needed) and place your full palm on it with your fingers pointing behind you.  Turn your fingers skyward if you have any pain.

This stretch is for the functional front arm line so you should feel it from your fingertips to your neck.  If you can’t quite get it to feel right, watch this video.

chest opener