Littleton, CO

Weekly Meal Plan 3/3

Weekly Meal Plan 3/3

This is the time of year when I really really really want winter to be over.  Here in Colorado the air is so dry there is static electricity to anything soft, even our dogs.  I will still enjoy hearty soups when it is cold but I’m already dreaming of summer BBQ and popsicles.

Monday – Chipotle Chicken Chili (The Pioneer Woman) – but I half the recipe and use pork tenderloin this time.chili2

Tuesday – Leftover night

Wednesday – Curried Rice with Shrimp (Real Simple) and Steamed Broccoli

Thursday – Chicken Pot Pie (Pioneer Woman) – I lighten it up by using less butter, plain yogurt instead of cream and reduced fat cresent rolls for the crust.  But sometimes we splurge and go for the real deal pie crust, it’s just so hard to pass up.

Friday – Seared Scallops with Snow Peas & Orange (Real Simple)

Saturday – Leftovers or Papa Murphy’s pizza 🙂


**If this is your first time viewing a weekly meal plan from me, then let me bring you up to speed.  One of the best ways to loose weight or maintain a healthy eating schedule is to plan ahead.  Each week, when I put together my own meal plan for my family (husband and 3 kids) I do my very best to post it for others to follow or share.  Oh yeah, if you wonder why I never post any Sunday meals, it is because we follow the old Body for Life concept of eating clean for 6 days and then having a free day.