Littleton, CO

Weekly Meal Plan 6/1

Weekly Meal Plan 6/1

School is out and warm weather is here!  I love this time of year here in Colorado, everything is lush and green.

Preparing ahead for meals is more difficult for me when the kids are on break.  I am easily distracted by lazy afternoons and socializing with the neighbors.  I’ll do it if you do it, so let’s help keep each other on the meal planning wagon so we can all avoid any guilt with an extra cocktail or ice cream here and there.

Monday – Turkey Burgers, baked fries & artichokes

Tuesday – BFL Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday – Flank Steak, baked potatoes & steamed broccoli

Thursday –  leftovers

Friday – Asian Turkey Stir Fry

Saturday – Puerto Rican Rice & Beans with lite Caesar salad


**If this is your first time viewing a weekly meal plan from me, then let me bring you up to speed. One of the best ways to lose weight or maintain a healthy eating schedule is to plan ahead. Each week, when I put together my own meal plan for my family (husband and 3 kids) I do my very best to post it for others to follow or share. Oh yeah, if you wonder why I never post any Sunday meals, it is because we follow the old Body for Life concept of eating clean whole foods for 6 days and then having a free day (I’m a hot mess without Sunday donuts or baked goods)