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Weekly Meal Plan 6/16

Weekly Meal Plan 6/16

Weekly Meal Plan 6/16

I hope all the fathers out there enjoyed their Father’s Day weekend.  We were very blessed on Saturday to have a torrential hail storm miss us by a 1/4 mile.

If you haven’t noticed yet, turkey burgers are pretty much a weekly staple in our house.  If you have never tried ground turkey tacos you are missing out because they are SO easy (brown the turkey and add taco seasonings then top how you choose.)

  • Monday – Beer Braised Barbeque Pork sandwiches with steamed broccoli – Food.com recipe

  • Tuesday – Turkey Burgers with corn on the cob and green beansbbq pork

  • Wednesday – Ground Turkey tacos and a side salad (our Costco just got raw CORN tortillas where you cook them yourself in a pan, they are so good!)

  • Thursday – Leftovers

  • Friday – Seared Scallops with risotto and roasted asparagus

  • Saturday – Chicken breasts with baked fries and roasted zucchini

**If this is your first time viewing a weekly meal plan from me, then let me bring you up to speed.  One of the best ways to loose weight or maintain a healthy eating schedule is to plan ahead.  Each week, when I put together my own meal plan for my family (husband and 3 kids) I do my very best to post it for others to follow or share.  Oh yeah, if you wonder why I never post any Sunday meals, it is because we follow the old Body for Life concept of eating clean for 6 days and then having a free day