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Weekly Meal Plan March 31

Weekly Meal Plan March 31

Weekly Meal Plan

tortilla soupYes, there was a delay in posting my meal plans and honestly, there was a slight hiccup in planning.  I was kidnapped by the need to do taxes and I finally came to the conclusion that I need more than Turbo Tax.  K-1s and 1099s and expenses…oh my!
So here is the return to a weekly meal plan now that my kids are back in school after spring break and I’ve got my taxes done.  Life happens, move on.
  • Monday – Puertorican rice & beans (I am a wannabe Boricua)
  • Tuesday – Frito Chili Pie (The Pioneer Woman sub in ground turkey)
  • Wednesday – Tortilla Soup (The Pioneer Woman)
  • Thursday – Leftover night – the fam is on their own as the DUG Bakken convention is in town and I’ll be schmoozing at a cocktail party 🙂
  • Friday – Trout roulades with brown rice and cucumber slaw
  • Saturday – Leftovers


**If this is your first time viewing a weekly meal plan from me, then let me bring you up to speed.  One of the best ways to loose weight or maintain a healthy eating schedule is to plan ahead.  Each week, when I put together my own meal plan for my family (husband and 3 kids) I do my very best to post it for others to follow or share.  Oh yeah, if you wonder why I never post any Sunday meals, it is because we follow the old Body for Life concept of eating clean for 6 days and then having a free day.