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Muscle of the Month: pronator quadratus, a Desk Jockey's worst enemy


photo courtesy of Anatomy in Motion app

Muscle of the Month: pronator quadratus  i.e. a Desk Jockey’s worst enemy

It may sound a bit harsh to name this muscle as an enemy, but in my professional career, I’ve learned that this little bugger that lies deep beneath the forearm muscles is working against anyone who types a lot and is at the computer most of the day.

Primary Actions: Pronation (turning over) of the hand.  In other words, if the body’s “home base” of anatomical position is palms facing forward, pronation is turning the hands over.


photo courtesy of Anatomy in Motion app

Chronic Pain Connections:  Because this muscle is held in flexion whenever we face our palms to the keyboard, long periods of computer work tend to lock the muscle short.  This shortening sometimes leads to wrist pain, elbow pain and even shoulder pain.  Tightness in this muscle may also be a source of symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Pain Relief:  In order to stretch and lengthen the pronator quadratus, it is important to be gentle but diligent.  The image below is a great stretch for the pronator quadratus as well as all the flexors of the hand and fingers.  There is also an added bonus of stretching the biceps and chest muscles.

chest openerMake sure your WHOLE hand is on the wall.  The fingers may point more towards the ceiling if pointing them backwards is too painful.


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