Littleton, CO


Ninja Movement Training

2-3 hour One-Time Training | 16 max students 

“Ninja Safety” is our method that engages all types of workers in a fun way.  It’s a bit like getting your kids to eat their vegetables.  We all know the benefits of exercise, proper lifting and flexibility but getting your employees to do it on their own time is another thing entirely. 

Our training courses are customized, job-specific, on site and 75% practical.  Learning safe lifting and movement is best taught hands-on with commonly used equipment.


Back Safety | Lifting Techniques | Teamwork | Mobility | Balance | Agility | Core Strength

Technical Workshops

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Our technical workshops are more detailed and customized for supervisors and management.  We help your team leaders understand which behaviors to encourage and how to spot improper lifting and working postures.

Decrease Injuries | Increase Productivity & Quality of Work |  Build Employee Morale

Our on-site and industry-specific courses demonstrate:

  • How each individual body performs differently
  • Effective physical and communication tools for working as a crew or team
  • How for some industries, there is a limit to performing ideal lifting techniques