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The most effective workout EVER


What is the most effective, the ultimate, the best ever workout you should be doing?

Here’s the secret.  Drum roll please….
Workouts are only effective if you are actually doing them.
Unfortunately, you and I do not get to absorb all the Instagram workouts we see through osmosis (darn it).  It would make burning off my donuts SO much easier.
There are some great new workouts out there for all body types and personalities so the hard part is actually putting one foot in front of the other and getting your butt to the gym/pool/mountain/etc.
We all make excuses on why we don’t workout enough and why we are as fit or healthy as we could be.  Confession: I do it often.  This morning even.
Here’s my story.
I am serious when I tell you that I LOVE to try new workouts.  Love a new thing. So if you have something you tried recently and you can’t wait to go back, then I want to hear about it.
Reply to me here and tell me what it is and where to find it.
I am in this fitness journey with you.  I too have insecurities and intimidations but when we do this together, we have company in our misery of sore muscles and burning lungs.
P.S. If you are unsure about a new exercise class and want a fitness professional opinion on it, I’m happy to talk you through it. Leave a comment below.
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