Teaching proper posture, lifting and movement in the workplace.

Workers learn about the body and move the materials they are moving and lifting on a daily basis.

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Onsite Solutions

Engage your employees and meet them where they're at to improve awareness of risks.  Workstation assessments include education to deliver tools that can be used right away.

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Whether you are searching for an engaging speaker or a practical yet motivating training presentation, Lori Frederic can custom-tailor presentations to your organization’s unique needs. Here are some samples:

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Personal Responsibility

The bottom line mission for Balance Bio is to deliver useful information for injury prevention in such a manner so that your employees will WANT to implement it.

"Ninja Safety" is a revolutionary idea created by Lori Frederic that solves the problem of soft tissue injuries by engaging all types of workers while making them smarter, stronger, agile & mobile.


Physical jobs do not make one physically fit and office work often creates increased risk for injury.  With the right attitude, awareness and action, employees become personally responsible for preventing pain, discomfort and injury to themselves.


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